Hospital Bed

  • Check outlet or plug.
  • Check and see if switch on wall needs to be in on position.
  • Check that the high low bar is connected properly under bed(If bed will not

    go up and down) Note: If Invacare bed check and see if power light on motor is on.

Oxygen Concentrator

  • Check plug or outlet switch to new socket if necessary.
  • Check reset button, reset if needed.
  • Check flow meter for proper setting/liter flow.
  • Check for kink or hole in tubing.
  • If humidifier bottle is conencted make sure that it is not cross threaded. (To check place finger over spout while holding, see if the liter flow ball drops. Note: When you remove your finger there should be air pressure.)
  • Check flow by placing nasal cannula/nose piece into cup of water and see if it bubbles.

Oxygen Tank

  • Check valve, open and look at pressure guage
  • Check flow meter, set at proper setting(For example: 2 liters).
  • Check to see if tubing is connected properly.
  • Check washer on regulator.


  • Check plug or outler, switch to new socket if necessary.
  • Check filter.
  • Check machine for power
  • Check and make sure no missing parts after cleaning(if the small cone in cup is missing it will not work).

Hydraulic Patient Lift

  • In lifting position, make sure valve is completely closed to lift patient.
  • When lowing patient, slowly open valve to let patient down slow to ensure patient safety. (Note: Visually look for any fluid leaks notify immediately if you find any signs of a leak.)

Low Air Loss

  • Check and see if switch on wall needs to be in on position.
  • Check plug or outlet, switch socket if necessary.
  • Check that CPR value is closed. (Note: Look for red ribbon that says CPR on it and make sure it is completely closed.)
  • Check pump to see if in static mode, if so it will not allow mattress to alternate pressure.
  • For any further problems a technician will be required.

Wheel Chair

  • Check both brakes/locks make sure they hold in place, no movement.
  • Check footplates make sure no damage to any parts; all buttons and locks work properly.
  • Check seat cushion and back cushion for any damage.
  • Check all wheels to make sure free from any damage, check if loose.
  • Check armrest to make sure not loose and free from any damage

Front Wheel Walker

  • Check all points of adjustment make sure all in working order.
  • Check all rubber parts at bottom of legs for any damage.
  • Check to make sure walker folds open and closes securely.
  • Check and make sure wheels are free from any damage and roll smoothly.

Trapeze Bar

  • Check to make sure that all brackets are secure and wing nuts are tight.
  • Check to make sure brackets fit headboard/footboard properly

    (Note: Only exception if it is a free standing check to make sure all brackets are secure.)

  • Check and adjust chain to make sure proper height of grab bar.

Air Pressure Mattress with Pump

  • Check power cord to make sure it has proper ground.
  • Check to see if switch on unit is turned on and also check wall socket for on switch.
  • Check to see if tubing is free from any kicks and make sure no leaks when plug into the pump.
  • Check mattress for pin holes or tears.

Tens Unit

  • Check to make sure battery is in compartment correct

    (Note: Always use new battery).

  • Check to make sure that the switch is set to the appropriate form of therapy, adjust the control correctly.
  • Check to make sure cable is correctly connected to device it should be inserted completely into the sockets.
  • Check that the impulse display is illuminated.

Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Machine

  • Check plug or outlet switch to new socket if necessary.
  • Check to make power switch is on(Note: This is located next to where the power cord meets machine.)
  • Check that remote is plugged into machine properly.
  • Check that remote is set to proper settings per your physician.


  • Check plug or wall outlet
  • Check that cord is completely plugged into machine.
  • Make sure CPAP machine is always level to keep from any leakage from humidifier chamber.
  • Check and inspect the seal on the humidifier chamber to ensure it is properly seated to prevent air loss.

Suction/Portable Suction

  • Check plug or wall outlet, must be a grounded outlet.
  • Make sure it is on a flat surface.
  • Check and make sure the canister is free of any crackes and the lid is completely sealed.
  • Check and make sure all tubing is secure.
  • Check illustration on top of canister to ensure it is set up properly.
  • Check guage to make sure all vacuum levels are in working order.

Over Bed Table

  • Check lever to make sure it works properly to raise and lower table top.
  • Check wheels to make sure they lock in place.
  • Check table tops for chips or any damage to the surface.

Blood Glucose Monitor

  • Check power supply change out batteries if necessary.
  • Check to make sure strip is compatible with your monitor.
  • Check to make sure test strip is inserted correctly it will read error if not.